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Top Swing-Band in Berlin für Hochzeiten, Firmenveranstaltungen und private Partys

Choose from our wonderful selection of experienced bands, each capable of crafting the perfect musical ensemble tailored to your event. Elevate the ambiance with skilled musicians who understand how to make your occasion truly special.

Traditional jazz

Experience the soulful rhythms of New Orleans with our classic six-piece ensemble, delivering danceable and easy-listening music. Perfect for adding a lively backdrop to your event or setting the stage for dance parties.
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Trained in classical singing and jazz, her 'Motivational-Progressive-World-Pop' project blends rock, folk, pop, jazz, Brazilian, and oriental influences. Nominated for the best adult contemporary song at ISC and best video at PBIMA, her debut single, "I'll be Missing You," foreshadows an anticipated debut album.
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Swing trio

Elevate your event with a sophisticated touch. Our swing trio, featuring bass guitar and violin, creates a perfect, discreet background for a classy ambiance.

Brazilian and world music

Experience Barrio Danzon's enchanting melodies, showcasing the best of South America. Elevate your event with the perfect atmosphere, led by one of Berlin's finest flute players.
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Gipsy jazz quartet

Elevate your lively cocktail parties with a four-piece Gipsy jazz band, offering the perfect background atmosphere. Enjoy the rhythmic vibes and musical charm of this vibrant ensemble.

Swing quintet

Journey back to the 30's with a classic swing quintet, relishing the good old songs of the time. Perfect for a nostalgic experience and timeless musical enjoyment.

Swing sextett

Cap off your evening with a dance party featuring a bigger sound. Groove to the exhilarating arrangements of the band, ensuring a lively and unforgettable finale that will keep your guests on their feet.